Bringing Sensorial Materials to Another Level

I challenged Jiejie last night before bed to see if she could build the Pink Tower blindfolded. She was very excited. The picture above was how she did on the first try.

Aside from the Color Boxes, most of the sensorial materials can be explored using the stereognostic sense. Stereognostic sense is the ability to identify an object based on touch alone.

We have used the blind fold to identify our geometric solids, and to match the puzzle shapes for the geometric cabinet. We have also used the blind fold to play with the baric tablets.

The stereognostic sense is very important to children. It helps them to discriminate the shape, feel, weight of an object, only by touch.

It allows the children to make a mental picture of what they are touching.

According to my album from Keys of the World, it says, “Having refined senses builds the foundation for the child’s conscious intellectual exploration of the environment. Work with the sensorial materials creates a basis of order in the mind leading to clarity of mental vision. The child’s fine and gross motor coordination becomes refined.”

If you do not have Montessori classroom materials, or a blind fold, you can work on this stereognostic sense by making your own Mystery Bag. Choose some things within your environment and have them feel what they think is inside. It could be a spoon, a hairbrush, a marble, a pen, a feather, an eraser, etc. Find things that are very different from each other to start. Lay out the objects, let the child feel them, and name them before putting them into the bag. Limit the number to around 5 things so it won’t be too overwhelming.

Here are many ways to do it:

  • One person names the object and the other one finds it.
  • One person touches the object inside the bag, and names it before pulling it out of the bag to see if he was right.
  • One person describes the object inside the bag for the other person to guess what he thinks it could be.

Challenge you yourself and your child today! Find a bag and start playing~! Share a picture of your mystery bag on IG and tag me on it (@angeltots147). I would love to see what items you have chosen.

Thank you for visiting. Until next time! ❤️


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