Monday Moanday? Oh, Potato Potahto!

It was a stereotypical Monday for us here. You would never have known, following our Instagram account (shameless plug: @angeltots147).

It all just looked so picture-perfect! We went to pick out some warmer dresses at Keeping Pace store, and also donated some of the things we have outgrown. We did some activities in the car while waiting for Meimei to wake up from her nap. On our way home, we stopped and waited to see the purple Commuter Rail drive by, twice! What was missing from those pictures and videos though, was how tough our day had actually been.

We had chosen to go to the store today because upon waking up, Jiejie insisted that she should wear a dress. It was mid 40°F, and all the dresses she has right now are either for spring, or too small for her. The day didn’t start out well, we can say that again. We compromised on a dress that she had worn yesterday. It looked and smelled pretty clean, so why not? 😬 That seemed to work for now. I thought since it seems like she doesn’t have any more dresses for the warmer months to come, we could go and find some at the store for her. She will need them eventually anyway. She loves dresses. I let her help me decide on what to do today. Library books need to be returned, we could use a trip to the grocery store, or we could go to the Keeping Pace to find some dresses for her – I have a bag to donate anyway. She picked, and it was to go to the store to get some dresses. *insert sibling squabble of “No, not to get your dress, it’s my dress, for me!!”*

Things didn’t work out that well for me either. Many things got on my nerves: every sentence sounded like whining, every minute seemed to involve a sibling bicker, and at every second, one child seemed to be instigating the other. We were in a loop doomed for tears and tantrums! So that indeed, was what happened. From all of us. Yes, me too. You bet that when hubby came home, tears were shed – some were mine. Cuddles were needed from him – me included. Apologies were made – from all of us, and before the night ended, peace was restored. Thank goodness!

Today was extremely tough. I am thankful that a brand new day is waiting for us so we can try to do it better tomorrow. I am definitely looking forward to it. Wait, this doesn’t mean I want the sun to shine earlier or for the kids to wake up early. That’s totally NOT what I meant! 😨

Despite all that has happened today, we learned many things. We learned how to be patient while waiting for the train. It took more than 30 minutes for one to arrive, I think. They got to see what happens before and after a train comes, and how loud a train can be! We got the front row seats to experience all of this. Oh, and a cop drove slowly by to ask if we needed any help since we were just parked to the side of the road with hazard lights on waiting for the train. We’re ok, I said, and wondered if it was alright to be where we were to wait for the train to come by. (He said yes, by the way.)

On another note, Jiejie is interested in writing her name, and was writing plenty of “letters”. She had asked me to repeatedly write her name down for her. We are starting with cursive, and when she draws some loops and curves on her paper, she points out to me the letters she recognizes. We also received a present from my bestie from CA today. It’s this gorgeous cursive alphabet tracing board. Jiejie traced on it right away! I am sure this will be treasured and loved. ❤ (Thank you Marissa!)

I am currently taking an online course Cultivating Spaces for Children. For the first week, we covered play/work area, so I made some changes to our shelves last weekend– adding some plants, and removing almost 50% of things from the shelves to put away. This made the area more inviting to the children, and they have been working at every chance they get on the materials that are left on the shelves.

Going back to my original topic – I do not know what’s going on today. We probably just got a “case of Mondays”, or maybe the children needed some time to let out their energy so they won’t clash onto each other so much, me included. I think we desperately need some nature asap! Nature is my cure-all. A walk sounds nice. I hope the weather is better tomorrow.

This post is to share with you what real-life homeschooling looks like, that days can be challenging, and that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns that you see on my social media. But what I am also trying to say, is that at the end of the day, we learn so much from each other. We find ways to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Our relationship as a family grows. We know each other at a deeper level than we did before. We, as adults, reevaluate and see what is missing, and find how to respond better to the children when they test our limits again in the future. And testing limits, they shall.

Thank you for coming by. I hope to see you again on my next post!


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