Our Ultimate Winter/Christmas Book List

With winter just around the corner, I thought it was time to swap out some books that are out and available for the girls. I went to the library and checked out new seasonal books to add to the existing books we already own. Honestly, I just put a lot of books on hold online, and I pick them up at the front desk of the library. Do you know that you can do this, at home, anytime? Or even from your phone, anywhere? It’s such a life saver! I have a hard time looking through books I would like to borrow in person. I know I am not alone in this!

We sure have a lot of books to read and reread this winter. I feel like getting a variety of books to read made it more interesting for myself to read out loud. When choosing books, I choose ones that I actually like. Why? This is so that I am prepared to read the books for days onward, on repeat, with no end in sight.. I should at least love the books I get right? Or else, my backup plan is to find a good hiding spot to stash those that drive me bonkers. Ha!

With the help of my fellow Montessori 101 moderators on FB, I ended up with a really good pile of books to bring home. (Thank you ladies! <3)

I have sorted them into categories to make it easier on the eyes to follow. I will name them in clockwise order, beginning with the one on top left in each picture. Check your local library first before purchasing anything! (The following list contains some aff links at no cost to you.)

Beautiful Poems and Christmas Go-To’s

  1. Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou
  2. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  3. The Night Before Christmas
  4. A Child’s Calendar
  5. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Christmas, and Animals, and Of Course, The Nutcracker

This list doesn’t include other holidays at the moment. I would like the girls to understand Christmas first, as this is where our belief lies. Next year or so, we will read about other holidays like Hannuka, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, etc. We’ll see….. 🙂 So without further ado:

  1. Merry Christmas, Curious George
  2. Biscuit’s Christmas Storybook Collection
  3. Alfie’s Christmas by Shirley Hughes
  4. No Roses for Harry! – my girls really like Dirty Harry, and this one is set in a colder weather, so I thought I’d borrow it too.
  5. The Nutcracker Ballet – Jiejie loooves this one! We are going to watch the local Nutcracker ballet this Saturday! I hope she enjoys it as much as she did watching Annie.
  6. The Birth of Jesus (this came with a series of Biblical stories I purchased off Groupon a while back)
  7. The Shepherd’s Gift by Mary Calhoun – (not pictured) Jiejie was reading it in her nook. This is beautifully written. I think this will become a favorite pretty soon. 


Diverse/Multicultural Winter Readings

  1. I Got the Christmas Spirit
  2. Growing Up with Tamales
  3. The Legend of the Poinsettia
  4. Mama, Do you Love Me?  – Jiejie loves this book a lot. It talks about a mother’s unconditional love, and assures the child that she will always be loved, despite all the shenanigans she gets herself into. 


Informational but Easy-to-Read Books

  1. The Shortest Day, Celebrating the Winter Solstice
  2. The Peace Book – this book gives simple examples that very young children can understand what peace means. Christmas is a time of peace, am I right? 
  3. An Orange in January – this book follows a little orange blossom up to the point where the orange fruit is shared between friends in winter
  4. The Four Seasons


Wintry Day Books

  1. The Mitten (red one, spoiler alert: the mitten burst in the end)
  2. Biscuit’s Snowy Day
  3. The Mitten (white one, spoiler alert: it got extremely stretched out in the end)  *Board Book with less words for young readers*Paperback with more words
  4. Brave Irene (This is our favorite book at the moment. The girls have almost memorized the book. The link comes with a CD read by Meryl Streep that we listen in the car. I think this helps them remember the words so well.)
  5. When Winter Comes
  6. Red Sled

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

All about the snow… 

  1. Tracks in the Snow
  2. The Big Snow 
  3. Big Snow
  4. The First Snowfall (different cover on link, but same book)
  5. The Snowy Day
  6. Footprints in the Snow
  7. Snowflake Bentley
  8. SNOW

This is it for now. Thank you for visiting! Until next time. Happy reading!!!


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